The following is a real letter we've received from a patient who has benefited greatly from their visit to our clinic. We've not inluded their surname to protect privacy, but if you really need to hear how satisfied our patients are, we can arrange for some of our previous patients to contact you.

Dear Dr Dawson,

I would like to thank you once more for my vasectomy. You were very kind and nice to me, making what I expected to be a very unpleasant experience quite tolerable. Because I was sedated I probably didn't thank you enough at the time and indeed can only vaguely remember eating the orange Kit Kat before leaving.

I am off to France tomorrow for two weeks and so won't be able to sign this letter but I am extremely impressed by your abilities, causing minimal injuries compared with the many disasters I have seen over the years. Hospital vasectomies were always a rushed procedure at the end of a list before lunch with much larger wounds and much more damage to the spermatic cords. I was able to go shopping in town the next day and walk at normal speed and would not have had to miss any work apart from the Friday which is very impressive.
I do not know of any service as good as yours in Tyneside which is a great shame and doubt I would see as many problems if they were performed by yourself.

With many thanks and best wishes.

Dr Mark P.

Dear Dr Dawson,

Please pass on my thanks to the staff at the clinic for the calm, quick and (hopefully effective) way my vasectomy was carried out on Friday. I was out and about later that afternoon, out with the family on Saturday and have been playing sport today.

I couldn't quite believe how painless the whole process has been (being spiked from bristles in the wrong place has been the worst of it!)

Thanks again

John Q. (Dr John Q)

Dear Dr Dawson,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for performing my vasectomy on the 14th September with such a pleasant manor, I almost want to call again and have it all done again! Guess that many of your patients leave just glad it is all over and want to get home as soon as possible before the supposed pain kicks in. Actually that pain never comes and then you realise that you never thanked anybody including the nurse that aided you in that small operation, I forget her name and can only remember that soon she was to become a grandmother. Would you please thank her on my behalf and once again I would like to say thanks to you and all of the staff at the centre, all of whom were excellent.

Once again many thanks,